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Software: Strategy Exchange
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Price: 110$

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Elite Services and Company

Strategy Exchange is a well established and reputable company, known for for providing its customer base with access to all the advantages of their automated Forex robots. The company assists Forex traders in achieving their financial objectives with the help of the Strategy Runner platform.

In brief, Strategy Runner is a leading package of automatic trading software, resembling automatic Forex robots used for Metatrader 4 and most other Metatrader variants.

Strategy Exchange is proud of its prominent catalogue of mechanical trading strategies, designed by some of today’s top Forex robot software developers.

A few advantages of using the Strategy Exchange Forex Robot include:

  • Hundreds of off-the-shelf Forex products, with a continuously expanding selection.
  • Hosting trading software remotely, avoiding program installation, optimization, and possible software conflicts.
  • Full time report system with acoustic alerts when trades are made.
  • Full representation of technical indicators for mechanical trading systems.
  • Free two week trial to try strategies from their Database.

Special Bonus Offer

Strategy Exchange currently offers a special bonus. Subscribers get every third month of service absolutely free!

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