Fap Winner Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Software: FapWinner
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 84%
Drawdown: 1-2%
Price: 99$

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About the Designer

FAP Winner is an automatic Forex Robot created by Charles A. Floyd II, a respected, reputable, and successful currency trader. Upon designing FAP Winner, Floyd incorporated many of the same strategies he used while actively trading for more than ten years. The FAP Winner Forex Robot is distributed by the Auto Pilot Company. The system has the ability to independently make trades 24 hours a day, allowing users to attend to their daily schedules while benefiting from strategic and profitable Forex trades.

Impressive Results

Our team of expert reviewers tested FAP Winner in some of the most extreme and volatile economic and Forex market environments. To put it mildly, our testers were highly impressed with the high returns we experienced.  The FAP Winner development team can be proud of the system’s ergonomic design, quick installation process, and easily understood settings. In addition, despite our incessant bombardment of software and trading questions, the customer support team provided excellent service and patience.

Quality Product Features

Upon purchasing FAP winner, we received a sizable trading software package and were given access to the website’s secured membership area. We immediately received an individual account that provided us with lots of relevant information concerning the Forex market.

FAP Winner includes a built in money management system and personalized trading plans. We received full technical and customer support via email, forums, and live phone conversations. This high level of support allowed us to take full advantage of the system, resulting in impressive profits despite recent market behavior.

Excellent Customer Support

If users experience software complications during the installation or configuration process, the FAP Winner customer support team can establish a remote connection with the customer’s computer. With this connection, tech support members can either fix the problem themselves, or help guide the user with proper software installation and management.

Live Testing

During the testing phase of the product review process, we ran a live test for three consecutive weeks. We saw an 84% win-ratio with an average of ten weekly trades. This is not a lot of trades when you consider an 84% win-ratio result, and a low drawdown. All things considered, we were happy with the results.

Refund Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

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