Rank Logo Product Name Weekly Profit (%) Forex Robot Review Forex Robot Website Download
#24 Strategy Exchange Robot  Strategy Exchange -5% Strategy Exchange Review Strategy Exchange Website Download
#25 Forex PipZu Forex Robot  PipZu -5.5% PipZu Review PipZu Website Download
#26 Forex Phantom Forex Robot  Forex Phantom -5.80% Forex Phantom Review Forex Phantom Website Download
#27 Forex Hitte Forex Robot  Hitter -6.50% Forex Hitter Review Forex Hitte Website Download
#28 FapWinner Robot  FapWinner -7.00% FapWinner Review FapWinner Website Download

Two Star Forex Robot Systems

The Forex Robots that are presented in the above list have been given a two star ranking by members of RobotForex.org.  As part of  our thorough testing process, each Forex Robot was uploaded on to our Metatrader trading platform and required to perform in accordance with our high quality standards.   The results of each Forex Robot were reviewed after several months, and the results were not satisfactory.  While there were certain times in specific Forex Markets when many of these Forex Robots were able to make profitable trades, their overall performance did not warrant a high ranking from our team. 

Should NOT Use

Even though we provide you with a download link that redirects to the each products' homepage, we recommend against using these products based on the conducted research.  Despite occasional positive reviews that you will come across on the internet, we don't think it's worth you taking the risk of purchasing one of these products and investing your hard earned money with unqualified or poor performing trading software.  If you do choose to purchase one the Forex Robots available on this page, it would be wise to first use the products on a practice trading account.