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Forex Robot

Rank Logo Product Name Weekly Profit (%) Forex Robot Review Robot Forex Website Download
#1 Fap Turbo Robot FapTurbo 5.95% FapTurbo Review FapTurbo Website Download
#2  Abe's Signals 5.87% Abe's Signals Review Abe's SIgnals Website Download
#3 Forex Bling Forex Robot  Forex Bling 5.63% Forex Bling Review Forex Bling Website Download
#4 Forex Killer Forex Robot  Forex Killer 5.42% Forex Killer Review Forex Killer Website Download
#5  Million Dollar 5.12% Million Pips Review Million Pips Website Download
#6 Pips Miner Forex Trading Robot  PipsMiner 4.88% PipsMiner Review PipsMiner Website Download
#7 Ultra Scalper 4.63% Ultra Scalper Review Ultra Scalper Website Download
#8  Growth Bot Builder 4.49% Growth Bot Review Growth Bot Website Download
#9 Forex Megadroid Robot  MegaDroid 4.25% MegaDroid Review MegaDroid Website Download
#10 No Loss Robot  NoLoss Robot 4.12% No Loss Robot Review No Loss Robot Website Download


Welcome to Robot Forex Reviews

Welcome to, a website dedicated to providing the online community with the best Forex robot information and quality products. The Robot Forex trading team is comprised of three financial experts that have pooled their creativity, knowledge, and Forex experience into one powerful website. In an effort to ensure impartiality, the website creators have no affiliation with any financial company or Forex trading robot that is presented or reviewed on We strive in our efforts to deliver the very best content and reviews of Forex robots, enabling currency exchange traders to make informed investment decisions in all market conditions. Our comprehensive website includes articles, explanations, investment terms, and trading strategies that are oriented towards Forex traders with diverse levels of understanding and experience.

What is a Forex Robot ?

Over the last few years, the Forex trading robot industry has skyrocketed in popularity among members of the Forex community. A Forex Robot is an automated trading system that is programmed with specific investment strategies. These systems are compatible with most Forex trading platforms, such as the MetaTrader Client Terminal. Unlike conventional Forex trading that consists of manual trades and a high level of user interactivity, most Forex robots are entirely automatic.

Robot Forex Trading Advantages:

  • Instantaneous trades in response to changes in market behavior
  • Automatic purchasing and selling of popular currency pairs
  • Ability to focus on daily responsibilities while trading
  • Benefiting from advanced strategies and technical analysis data
  • Compatibility with MetaTrader and most other trading platforms
  • Highly secure trading environment


Good Performance or Good Marketing?

With a new Forex trading robot being developed nearly every week, it is sometimes difficult to establish whether a particular product has an effective and quality trading platform. At times, it seems that creators of certain Forex Robots are better marketers than trading specialists and software designers. Due to this growing problem of Forex Robot systems with limited performance, was established to provide traders with an accurate and unbiased Forex robot review of some of today’s most popular automatic trading systems.

Ranking Robot Forex Trading Systems

As part of our method of reviewing each individual product, every Forex Robot is given a ranking score of between one and five stars. A product is considered better the more stars it receives. Our method of product analysis includes the actual usage and interaction with a system platform, which is an important but arduous process. When evaluating the popularity of a Forex Robot, our main consideration is the price of a system in relation to the profit it generates. It is also important for Forex Robots to have an ergonomic and simple layout, with trading tools that are accessible and user-friendly. Companies that supply these systems should have a customer support team that is knowledgeable, friendly, and available throughout the week. Finally, also considers whether a Forex Robot is distributed to customers with a guarantee. We firmly believe that if a product performs as advertised, the majority of purchasers will be satisfied with their trading software.

Forex Trading Advantages

Forex Trading has become easier and more accessible than ever, allowing investors both young and old to take advantage of today’s exciting market.  Citizens from any country in all parts of the world can participate in Forex trading with the help of online electronic brokers. These electronic brokers make it possible for you to quickly open an account with your Visa or MasterCard, or even send money via a wire transfer from your bank.  Since the market is constantly moving in one direction or another, it is always a good time to take advantage of this unique market.

Trading With Forex Robots

You should have some level of currency market understanding before you decide to trade by yourself or with the help of a Forex Trading Robot system.  The first thing people ask is what information is most important to learn and where to find Forex trading information. To begin with, you should have a general understanding of economics. Most people become intimidated, and are even frightened by thoughts of advanced calculations and mathematical formulas.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Simple economic theory consists of concepts that can help Forex investors predict future currency price valuations. For example, if a country’s economy is highly dependent on raw materials like gold, copper, and fossil fuels, this can help you predict how that country’s currency will be valuated when the price of limited resources goes up. You should always consider anticipated fiscal policy as well. If the central bank of a country limits the money supply, currency prices almost always go up in value against other currencies. A good understanding of these principles and the best Forex Robot will ensure consistent profits!

Be Financially Aware

Much of the news can be found on financial websites and TV stations that continuously update viewers and site visitors with important market and economic news updates.  CNBC, MarketWatch, CNNMoney, and BBC Business provide excellent articles on current financial events and currency price trends. Once you have a good grasp of economic concepts and global financial awareness, you should learn how electronic trading takes place.  Most online brokers take advantage of the popular MetaTrader Trading Platform.  This electronic platform is branded with different company names, but is designed similarly.  MetaTrader includes many different features that ensure you have live currency price quotes, a personalized display, advanced graphs and charts, and the option to install the Robot Forex trading system of your choice.

The Right Forex Robot 

With the right Forex Trading Robot, you can finally get the most out of Forex trading.  Most successful people are too busy or simply overwhelmed by their hectic schedule to learn about how a small country’s poor crop yield in Latin America can affect the Indian Rupee.  Knowing these details suddenly become unnecessary with many of the Robot Forex trading systems reviewed on  Instead of focusing on events, Forex Robots make calculations that are based on pre-assigned technical analysis data.  This is why some Forex Robots are excellent, mediocre, or in need of improvement.